Why is RICs supporting this challenge?

For 150 years, RICS professionals have worked to ensure that we realise our world’s potential without spoiling it for future generations.

2018 marks our 150th anniversary, and to celebrate we want to showcase the vital contribution that our industry makes to society. The link between urbanisation and increasing pressure on scarce resources will require greater attention from us all, given the scale of the challenges we will face. For the past 150 years we have been working with our membership globally to ensure we build sustainable, responsible developments.

Cities for our Future is another commitment from us to continue that work, and complements part of our mission: to lead solutions to the major challenges facing the built environment through professional expertise, as well as introducing RICS to a future generation of surveyors, engineers and built environment professionals, and inspiring them to take an active part in changing the world.

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Who are RICS?

Over 60% of the world’s wealth is accounted for by land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

From the land that sustains us to the homes we live in; minerals in the ground to intangible brand assets, virtually everything that makes up the fabric of our lives is, at some point, touched by one of the many land, real estate, construction and infrastructure disciplines. Our professional members keep business running, cities functioning, economies working and our whole world turning.

As the global body that safeguards the integrity of this work, RICS is tasked with great responsibility. Our sector plays a pivotal role in supporting sustainable growth and construction globally, but it is also at the heart of our lives. We depend on the land for our food and shelter. We live, work and socialise in buildings. We rely on infrastructure for our everyday needs and activities. In everything we do, wherever we do it, we never lose sight of our ultimate purpose: to act in the best interests of the public.

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RICs and You

We enforce international valuation, measurement and development standards for land, infrastructure, property and construction in 148 countries.

The next generation of professionals will need to develop solutions for the world’s challenges of today, from mass urbanisation to diminishing resources. Surveyors design, build, manage and protect everything you see.

The work of our professionals benefits wider society and the environment. The profession covers a wide range of services; it is a varied career, taking people out into the world and often making a lasting impact for future generations. They also deliver social value by operating in the public interest, to the highest ethical standards, delivering consistent standards of professionalism with trust and integrity.

Not restricted to any one sector or country; a career in surveying helps to shape the world we live in.

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