In January, we issued a simple challenge to imaginative, problem solving young professionals, start ups and students involved in surveying, urban design, architecture, or engineering: share your transformative ideas for projects and policies that solve some of the defining issues of our time: Rapid Urbanisation, Climate Change and Resource Scarcity.

In May, our regional judging panels narrowed the 1200 entries we received down to 12 global finalists, and our global judges have now had the final say. Find out who takes home the £50,000 prize below...


Earl Patrick Forlales

South East Asia | Rapid Urbanisation

The winner of our £50,000 prize is Earl Patrick Forlales, with CUBO - his vision for low cost, modular and dignified housing for low-income communities in Manila. Through the ingenious use of bamboo and plastic waste, Earl has proposed a sustainable and scalable solution that will transform slum housing in his native city and beyond.

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Team Heat Island

Africa | Climate Change

The runner up of this year's Cities for our Future challenge is Team Heat Island, with the Evaporous Cooling System. Their aim is to overcome our reliance on air conditioning for cooling buildings in hot, arid cities by retrofitting office buildings with networked, 3D printed ceramic plates. Grey water is piped through the plates which evaporates and cools air as it flows across them, saving the energy of powering air conditioning units and reducing the hot air emitted through their use.


Katia Sqir

East Asia and China | Rapid Urbanisation

Creating building mounted webs to increase vegetation within dense inner city environments, and improve air quality.

Tijmen Dekkers

Europe | Climate Change

Developing modular rainwater storage systems to help alleviate flooding and resource scarcity in rain-prone cities.

Team Galaxy

Middle East and Northern Africa | Resource Scarcity

Installing community water recirculation systems, which address scarcity in water supply in low income communities.

James Browning

South and Central America | Resource Scarcity

Constructing community-led housing developments that mobilise residents and allow for shared access to resources and space.

Sayali Virulkar

South Asia | Resource Scarcity

Restructuring the use of land within cities to create space for agricultural development, overcoming resource scarcity and climate change.

Soran & Saman Shangapour

UK | Rapid Urbanisation

Repurposing public spaces outside of office hours to provide safe and sustainable homeless accommodation.

Megan Burke

UK | Rapid Urbanisation

Implementing policies that incentivise landlords and tenants to accommodate air filtration facilities as part of their buildings.

Pamela Larocca

Oceania | Climate Change

A new prototypical home offered to people living in coastal cities, who face the dangers of rising sea levels.

Cheyenne Lau

North America | Climate Change

A comprehensive urban design scheme that attempts to address issues by promoting local economic empowerment, flood planning and management and tourism.

Engineering for Social Good

Middle East and Northern Africa | Resource Scarcity

An Internet of Things water control management system designed to improve water supply in refugee camps, as well as numerous cities globally.




The competition is now closed.

Our international judging panels narrowed down 1200 entries to 12, before our global panel selected our overall winner and runner up. Learn more about our judging panels.

  • Competition opens
    17 January 2018
  • Competition closes
    31 May 2018
  • Regional shortlist announced
    18 July 2018
  • Global winner announced
    November 2018